Sharlene’s Story

In 1955 I had a placenta abruption, there was no C-section, I hemmorhaged before and after the birth and my baby was lost. My first pregnancy was normal, labor was short. The post partum hemmorhage was massive, blood everywhere no transfusions at that time. I could feel myself dying,with BP 20/0 my vascular system collapsed, a lab tech saved my life, he patted and massaged vesselsm on my hands and feet and got blood pushing into my body. Then my uterous was packed with rolls of gause. I stayed in the hospital a week. The week I went home I had my first hot flash! Then I lost normal feelings for my husband, this helped distroy my first marrage. For three years I struggled with fatigue, low blood pressure and illness. I went to a new doctor and told him my symtoms, including hair loss, he examined me and did a pelvic, said that area was shinking. He said he had seen a woman with this problem when he was inmedical school, sent me to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I was diagnosed and started on Cortisone and Armour thyroid (later on synthroid). I was given dylanstilbesterol spelling? Then estrogen and progesterone. Only one endo subscribed the emergency shot years ago. Today, it seems doctors do not understand this syndrome and only want to treat what is familier.

Sharlene, Michigan, USA


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