Jenny’s Story

I had a perfect pregnancy with my second child, my first child was born at term by c section due to him being breech five years earlier. I’d discussed with my midwife that is like to try and have a vaginal birth this time around but if they thought it was best I’d have another c section. At 35 weeks I started having contractions and I went to the hospital in the middle of the night, the contractions became very severe but I was told my cervix was only 1 cm dilated and it carried on like this for 37 hours. Eventually they took me to delivery ward as I couldn’t handle the pain any more and they agreed to give me an epidural. I had a lovely midwife who sat with me for s long time, every time I was examined my cervix had not dilated any further. Eventually my baby started showing signs of distress so I was wheeled down to theatre. Within a short time after being opened up I became very unwell, could not stop violently shaking, my whole body jerking. The room filled with doctors and they were shouting instructions to eachother, at this point both me and my husband were crying and asking what was happening, I feared for my baby. The aneathasist became very angry with the surgeons and shouted that I needed some reassurance but no one told me what was happening. My husband was asked to leave the room but refused, hearing my baby cry was such a relief and he was whisked off to special care straight away, I don’t remember anything else until I came around in recovery with extreme thirst attached to a blood transfusion, I don’t know exactly how much blood I received. I had a visit off a doctor, (not the one who performed my section) who explained I’d had a placental abruption and I was extremely lucky to be here with a healthy baby and such a good outcome as Years ago we both would have died. I felt thankful for that and wanted to put the trauma behind us. In the hospital I have never experienced fatigue like it, it was nothing like after having my first son. I’d be feeding my baby during the night and my eyes would be rolling back in my head, another mum in the next bed fed my son for me a few times ( which I was so grateful for but I would NEVER had even contemplated that usually) and went to get the nurses as she was so worried about me. I was given iron tablets. I tried to breast feed but my milk didn’t come in, I mentioned to the midwife and agreed to formula feed. My symptoms have affected me since then mainly severe fatigue, extreme muscular aches and pains, depression. Internal shivering which can become quite severe. Doctor diagnosed post natal depression and I started on antidepressants which didn’t really help a lot. I also suffered side effects to that medication. I’ve steadily became worse and it came to a head a year ago when I was bed bound most of the time, I went off sick from work and begged my doctor to look into my symptoms more thoroughly. I never thought it could be connected to my sons birth. All my blood results were ” normal” according to my gp. I found a doctor privately who took a complete history from me and a clinical assessment who mentioned sheehans syndrome to me. He diagnosed hypothyroidism and felt I needed assessment of my adrenal glands. He advised I take armour thyroid that has completely changed my life. I’m not completely better yet but the difference from where I was and where I am now in relation to my health is remarkable. I’m currently in the process having more tests done, I’ve not been diagnosed as of yet. Since starting armour my periods have returned, I used to have one maybe once a year before, I’m now regular. I don’t take anti deppressants for the first time in nine years as I just don’t need them. I was never depressed, I was ill. There is not enough knowledgable medical professionals in this area. I know a number of midwives and health visitors who have never heard of this syndrome! I find that unbelievable. More training needs to be given to the staff on the ground to notice signs and symptoms and endocrinologist need to know how to diagnose and treat it. Sincerely, Jenny ( scotland UK)


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