Greer’s Story

My daughter was over due so I was started off at 6am on 9th June 1990, my labour started around 9am, around 9pm my waters were broken and then all hell broke loose, it was discovered Sophie was badly breached and I was rushed to theatre for a c section.

I remember coming round briefly after the surgery to a nurse shouting for a doctor as I was haemorrhaging several, I lost a ridiculous amount of blood and was rushed back to theatre and from there a woke up in Intensive care unit 48 hrs later in shock as to what had happened to me.

I was in hospital for a further month with a ragging infection after placenta was discovered to have been left behind! Even before I could start dealing with this new thing called Sheehan’s syndrome came barging into my life.

My diagnoses looking back seemed to be quite easy, within a Year I was on full replacement of predisolone thyroxine and HRT, then 3 years on GH, I was lucky enough to go on a GH year trial, so I think it was a case of right place and time. The doctor was Dr Paisley

The next 4/5 years were a bit of a blur while tried to get used to life with SS, my husband couldn’t deal with things, my huge weight gain, my up and down emotions and the fact we were told not to chance another baby.

Fast forward nearly 25 years I’m still on the same meds, but recently had a problem with my thyroid meds and that has really set me back quite hard but life continues

Torquay England
Torbay hospital


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