Cindy’s Story

I am currently 41 years old and have had Sheehan’s for almost 9 years. I had been told by many doctors since the age of 18 that I would never become pregnant without medical help as my body did not form any eggs. I got married sixteen years ago with my husband knowing that having kids was not in the cards for us. Six years later and by the grace of GOD I ended up pregnant with no medical help. My pregnancy was “normal”. I went into the hospital having contractions around 5:30 am, my labor ended up being induced, they tried multiple times to use suction to get my son out and when all attempts failed I ended up be taken in for a c-section. The time of birth was 5:21 pm. I was able to see my beautiful son for a brief moment before they took me to the recovery room. I was in the recovery room for about and hour when I remember hearing my doctor being paged to the room (I was bleeding internally). I remember hearing him say, “we are going to have to do a hysterectomy.” My husband tells me I was in surgery for 5-6 hours and when I came out I was placed in ICU and they told my husband that it was not good, that he should call the family in as they did not think I would make it through the night. They told him he was not allowed in the ICU I was very unstable. Well, anyone who knows my husband (a born protector) knows that wasn’t going to happen. The doctors told him they were going to call security and the cops, he said go for it, I going to be with my wife. He pushed his way into my room only to see me laying there with my blood pressure over two hundred (it is normally 90 or less) and my heartbeat was over 150. He grabbed my hand and told me that everything was going to be okay. Our son was perfect and healthy and the doctors had everything under control (even though that was not true). He started reading from the Bible. Once he did this, my vitals started to stabilize. Once they sawn the affect he was having on me, they told him he could stay. I had liquids, blood, plasma, and cryogen all being pumped into me. They even had to have police officers drive to another hospital to get more blood for me. The next day all seemed to being going well when one of the nurses decided to stick a tube down my throat without any sedation. This made me gag and move around and I ended up having a major bleed out. They took me into surgery again but were unable to find where I was bleeding from. They finally told my husband we do not expect that she will survive the next half hour as we cannot stop the bleeding. We can send her by helicopter to the medical school, the flight is 30 minutes and we don’t think she will survive the flight but that is our only chance. At this time my doctor is on the bed with me, with full packs of gauze and his hand stuffed in me to try to keep me from bleeding out (he rode in the helicopter that way). The pain was unbearable. I remember them pushing me out of the hospital with my family lined up telling me good bye, we love you, and kissing me, thinking this was the last time they were going to see me. I remember being unloaded from the helicopter and being surrounded by lots of white coats. The next time I woke up I was in stable condition. I had a chest tube in as the first hospital had punctured my lung and did not know it. I’ll never forget the day the endocrinologist came into my hospital room and told me you have a condition called Sheehan’s and you will be on medication the rest of your life. I broke down at that point. I never took aspirin or anything, I just didn’t take medication and now you’re telling me just to stay alive I have to take meds. Because of all the damage I was unable to breast fed. They even tried a specialist and had my husband bring our baby down once he was released from the hospital. I was in the hospital for 6 days, they took the staples from the surgeries out (I couldn’t watch as that stuff makes me ill) and I hear the nurse say oh no. Well, because of all the damage to the adrenals my body no longer heals like it should so the wound was open. At this point it had to be left open to heal from the inside out. This meant I had to have gauze placed in it and ripped out two times per day until it healed. I was finally sent home with the open wound, a catheter bag, and many doctor appointments to follow. I spent two months in a recliner as it was too painful to lay flat. I had a nurse come in twice a day to change the gauze on the wound. Finally the doctor was able to get a wound vac approved by the insurance as the wound was not healing. I started seeing an endocrinologists. My diagnosis was: Sheehan’s Syndrome, Grave’s Disease (which makes my eye bulge out), panhypopituitarism, and hypothyroidism. I would have to start taking the following meds daily: hydrocortisone, levothyroxine, estrogen, and growth hormone. I need to wear a medical alert bracelet that states I have an adrenal insufficiency. My memory is horrible now. If I miss once dose of any of the medications, my family can tell. I get irritable, tired, and forgetful. I feel very fortunate that I was diagnosed right from the beginning and that I have a great doctor who has been great at keeping me properly medicated. I had many people praying for me that day and I know that is why I am able to share my story. Cindy K


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