Cath’s Story

Here’s my story. After 4 years of trying for a baby which included 2 IUI’s I finally got pregnant naturally in January 2008. I believe the 2 weeks in the Maldives over the Christmas and New Year really helped.

I had a normal pregnancy quite boring in fact. I was due Oct 7th and our baby boy arrived Oct 7th weighing 6lbs. A perfect birth, I thought, our son arrived after 7hours at 18:43. I needed stitches which i had in the delivery room. There was quite a lot of blood splattered around the delivery room as baby came out pretty fast. I won’t go into the exact events of that evening other than to say I was on my way to surgery at midnight!
I remained in hospital for 10days as I didn’t feel right. I tried to breastfeed for 3 days. Our son lost a lot of weight but I was still encouraged to breastfeed. They started feeding him through a tube. Enough was enough and I started bottle feeding.

I still didn’t feel right one night I was attached to an ECG but still nothing could be found. I discharged myself as I just assumed it was mummy tiredness. As most of you know before you are diagnosed you are so weak. I couldn’t even bath my son or get in and of a bath without assistance. I was diagnosed 5 months later in march 09. I visited my gp as I was feeling suicidal. I’ve never felt like that before, I got low after losing parents to cancer in 2002 and 2007 but this was much, much worst. After 2 thyroid blood tests with a month between each one as the lab guys thought I was taking supplements, I was referred to an Endocrinologist. He took one look at me and know what it was. In fact he was rubbing he’s hands with glee and invited a student in!! I accepted I wouldn’t have anymore children it was hard but I was blessed with our little boy.

In February 2010 I retired to bed and looked in our son. He wasn’t breathing. He passed away in hospital that night. Our 16 month old son fall asleep. Most of us call it cot death but it’s now known as SIDS.

In May 2010 we had our first fertility appointment after losing our son. We were eligible for 2 more IUI’s and 1 IVF. We had all that treatment but no luck. We funded FET but that failed too. In Aug 2011 we had another go at IVF and bingo it worked. I was nearly 40 and I really struggled with this pregnancy. The sickness was morning, day and night. Our 2nd son arrived in May 12. I had to have emergency surgery, this time for retained placenta! It was touch and go if i would need a hysterectomy, thankfully I didn’t. Our son is fast asleep now and is just brilliant. I’m always tired and it doesn’t make any difference if work, rest or play.

My current medication is hydrocortisone, lethyroxine, Omnitrope (HGH) and Fluoxetine.


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