Adeena’s Story

It was Saturday afternoon. It was my due date and I felt that the baby will be coming today. We had a nice walk around the block and surly a few minutes after we got back home, my water broke. There were large amounts of maconuim which indicated that the baby was in distress so rushed to the hospital.
The medical team decided to stick with the VBAC plan. I was admitted and given pitocin.
As birth preceded, I started feeling more and more ill. My blood pressure kept on bottoming down and I was given medication to rise it several times.
No one checked WHY my bp was so dangerously low.
As time went on I became pale, nauseous, extremely thirsty, dizzy and clearly indicated that I know something is wrong.
The baby kept on showing signs of distress and I was too weak to push so they cut my opened and pulled him out.
Immediately following the baby, the bleeding started. It was like an opened focused. I lost over 9 pints of blood and had 16 transfusions.
I went into Hypovolemic shock and DIC. I suffered a stroke in my right temporal occipital and complete Panhypopituitarism from pituitary narcosis, leaving me with an empty sella, no posterior or anterior pituitary function at all.
If they had only used an ultrasound to check for the source of the low blood pressure and clear distress of both me and the baby, that would have not missed the placental abruption that was causing me to bleed inside, being blocked in by the baby and coming out poring following him.
If they had only just rushed me to the OR and preformed an emergency c-section, I could of lived a normal healthy life today.
After a while, when the placenta did not come out with all their efforts, they stuck their hand in and yanked the placenta out with force. Immediately throwing the placenta in the trash.
If they had only follow protocol and by misdiagnosed the placenta that was not only abprupting but also accreta, they would have not forcefully tear it out causing me Asherman’s Syndrome. My uterus is full of scars and calcifications. Stuck together on both sides causing serious infections and bleeding that was not resolved for a long time.
If they had only sent the placenta to the pathology which is slandered procedure with postpartum bleeding, they would have seen that they left part of the placenta inside, causing serious complications.
Only after two hours, the surgeon finally arrived and rushed me to the OR to try to stop the bleeding. In the OR, they managed to nick my artery and collapse my lung resulting in a total pneumothorax.
I spend a while in the ICU, I barely got to see my baby. I did not produce any milk no matter how hard I tried for months with every technique and supplement out there. My symptoms were immediate and full blown, I kept on going into adrenal crash. I was very very sick.
I have been diagnosed not long after, I had to do my own research and to the amazement of my first endocrinologist who thought that Sheehan’s only happens in third would countries, he gave me the diagnosis.
I will need to be on full hormonal replacement for the rest of my life. My quality of life is severely compromised. My immune system is extremely vulnerable from being steroid dependent and the other manifestations of Sheehan’s syndrome.
I am happy to be alive.
It is a shame that all of this could of been avoided with just basic 21st century medical care. Maybe a little care and compassion too.


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