Stories – Sheehan’s Syndrome changed my life

These are the stories of women who were not properly delivered from childbirth. Sometimes at the negligence of health care professionals, sometimes there was nothing that could have been done. But these women are survivors. They did not die during childbirth. They lived, but they were left with permanent damage to a part of the brain called the pituitary. It indirectly caused their entire endocrine system to shut down. It’s Postpartum Hypopituitarism, Sheehan’s Syndrome.

“These are our stories. Stories of how our lives changed. Stories of how this invisible illness has wrecked our lives. We are mothers that are unable to care for ourselves and our families. We are left infertile. We are unable to control simple things you take for granted like cell growth, maintaining body temperature, heartbeat, water balance and metabolism. We have low immunity and we take twice as long to recover from stress and illness. We are tired all the time but rarely get proper sleep. We are unable to think and function like we should. But we are strong, we are survivors.

My goal is to get word to the millions of women who are struggling with health care that there is hope! Our goal in sharing our stories collectively is bring awareness to Postpartum Hypopituitarism and also bring Hemorrhage Awareness. If you had a sketchy delivery, and have many symptoms of hypopituitarism, you could have this illness. If you are struggling for a diagnosis, keep fighting because you are worth it! Find yourself an advocate (husband, mother). Find yourself a good doctor. Do your research before and ask questions during. Knowledge is power.”

– Melissa

Because science and medicine are slow with the research into the endocrine system, patients go an average of 13 years untreated before diagnosis, and then spend the rest of their lives searching to put the puzzle pieces back in place to complete the balance necessary for proper endocrine function. It’s difficult to find doctors who understand the endocrine system enough to properly diagnose or treat patients with Sheehan’s Syndrome. It’s a form of hypopituitarism. It should be treated the same, but doctors don’t know what we know. They haven’t done the research, we have lived with the illness.

Even endocrinologists, who are specialists in the endocrine system, don’t know enough. They know thyroid disease, and diabetes. When we discover enough information about thyroid patients, we find that rarely are they properly tested or treated. The entire system needs to be balanced. This is not new information. How many times have you heard someone say, you need to balance your hormones? We have long known this. We blame hormones for making women crazy, when it’s the exact opposite. Hormones make women sane. When their hormones are balanced, their body is in harmony. When their hormones are off balance, our body is out of sync and not in harmony.


2 thoughts on “Stories – Sheehan’s Syndrome changed my life

  1. I’d like more information if you have it. I am almost 5 months pp. I was feeling terrible they checked my tsh and it was 0.00. they are sending me to an endocrinologist. Not til next month though! In NV they are scarce and very busy. I’d like as much ammo as possible when I go to see him


    • Hi Therese, I sent you an email in response to your comment. Just wanted to let you know so you can look for it. Let me know if you need me to resend it, sometimes my emails go into spam folders.


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